Baitcasting reel parts

Investment castings we have made

Products made by investment casting technique can be seen everywhere in our life, in the past ten years, we supplied more than one thousand all kinds of investment castings to our customers from all over the world, in weight from 7g to 20kg, in material includes carbon steel, stainless steel and all kinds of alloy steels. Long-term cooperations were built based on stable quality of our products. Here are some investment castings we have done:

china investment castings

Architectural hardware

Hinges for reservoir

Hinge (window & door, reservoir)

Lock parts

Glass spider fittings, Glass spigot

Bathroom hardware

Handles (cookware, window & door)

Floor drain

Tap and faucet

Mechanical equipment

Parts of lifting and height safety equipment

Floor drain

Agricultural machine parts

Food machinery parts

Knitting machine parts

Printing machine parts

Slaughtering equipment parts

Medical equipment parts



Grinding disc kitchen waste disposer


investment casting parts

Clippers for sheep shearing

Paint spray gun

Valves and Pumps


Valve parts

Pump parts

Transportation parts

Parts of fast train breaking system

sharp nose pliers
Sharp nose pliers

Ship equipment parts (oil ship, yacht)

Various auto parts


Underwater spotlight shields

Muzzle device

Dental forceps

Surgical knife handle

Baitcasting reel parts

investment casting lock parts zinc plated

Investment casting lock parts for door and window

Lock parts, components of window and door are the most used precision casting products in construction industry, including lock mechanisms, lock keeper, hinges, handles and more. These lock parts are usually small in size, weight between 10 to 250g, and very precise in sizes, with high tolerance requirements, important linear dimensional tolerances are typically +/-0.15mm, for critical areas the tolerance can be +/-0.03mm, and the surface finish of visible area must be very smooth. Lock parts can be produced by several different production methods such as zinc die casting, investment casting, MIM and so forth, but only investment casting offers the best mechanical performance and the best performance/price ratio, and provides the best safety performance and longest service life for window and door.

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