leading investment casting foundry
Leading lost wax investment casting foundry in China.
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We have been supplying a great variety of precision castings for our clients from more than 20 different countries since the year of 2004.

casting material
Variety of casting material is available
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Variety of precision casting material is available for your choice, carbon steel, stainless steel and alloys with high mechanical properties.

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High Standard Quality Control System
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All parts must be 100% inspected before shipment, inspection report of a random check with Projector or CMM must be sent to our customers.

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ISO certificated investment casting foundry with almost 20 years experience of supplying high quality precision castings worldwide.

Quality Assurance
ISO9001:2015 certificated investment casting foundry and 100% inspection before shipment can be carried out.
Competitive Price
Experienced staffs and advanced manufacturing techniques reduce production cost for our customers.
One Stop Solution
From drawings to raw castings, post-cast machining, as well as heat treatment and surface treatment.
Allaround Services
Experienced engineers and exporting team guarantees perfect quality and short leading time.

Why choose Heda Castings?

Heda Castings is an ISO 9001:2015 certified professional investment casting foundry specialized in precision casting parts made by Silica Sol casting method, we have been supplying a great variety of precision casting parts for our clients from more than 20 different countries since year of 2004.

We have almost 20 years of experience in investment casting industry, our precision castings are widely used in construction industry, machinery industry, automotive industry, housewares industry and so forth.
Around 80% of our products are exported overseas, we have rich experience of exporting worldwide, including Germany, Japan, USA and GB, which allow us to provide the best quality casting parts and fast lead time according to our customer’s request.
We can provide one-stop solution for your investment casting parts, from mold design to finished castings, machined castings, heat treatment and surface treatment if requested.

Some FAQs

Our main products are lost-wax precision casting parts in weight range 10g to 20kg, made of carbon steel, stainless steel and all kinds of alloy steel mostly.

We do strict QC to ensure our customers can get only the best quality investment castings from us. Samples must be approved by customer before mass production, 100% inspected can be carried out before shipment, a random check with Projector or CMM must be carried out by our QC staff and a detailed measurement report will be sent to our customers. Hardness, mechanical properties and so forth can also be done if requested. Find more about our Quality Promise.

We don’t have a Minimum Order Quantity, inquiries in any quantity are welcome and we treat all of our inquiries with equal importance, however the unit price could be relatively higher when the quantity is small, because the mold cost and exporting costs are almost fixed.

We use Silica Sol only for better surface finish and dimension accuracy of the casting parts.

Your one stop solution of investment castings.

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