Heda Castings is an ISO 9001:2015 certified investment foundry that places a strong emphasis on quality control. We understand that high-quality investment casting parts demand strict production procedures, stringent quality control, and the best inspection facilities. Our team has rich experience in meeting rigorous technical, quality, and delivery requirements, allowing us to provide consistently high-standard investment castings.

investment castings measurement

Before mass production, we ensure that samples are approved by our customers, and approved samples are sealed up for safekeeping. We can also cast test bars if mechanical testing or chemical analysis is requested. Our strict quality control system takes place at every step of our investment casting procedures, from wax patterns to shell building to the finished castings. We perform a random inspection with calipers and 3D scanning or CMM if request before crating up, and a detailed inspection report is released to our customer. All test results are stored in our database indefinitely for traceability. Additionally, we can carry out 100% inspection of critical and functional areas if required.

In addition to the conventional inspections mentioned above, we offer further testing such as hardness, chemical composition analysis, mechanical testing, X-ray, and more through our in-house facilities and cooperative third parties.

lost wax castings inspection

The quality of our investment casting parts has gained us approval and trust from many machinery, automotive, construction hardware, engineering, and medical equipment companies in China and overseas.

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