Shanghai Heda Castings can offer comprehensive post-cast services for our customers, including post-cast machining, surface treatment, heat treatment, assembly and so forth, some of these services are carried out in-house, the rests are performed by long-term cooperated and closely monitored 3rd parties. Our one-stop solution for investment castings can help our customers to shorten supply chain, save cost and time therefrom, and get perfect finished castings in a simpler way.

Post-cast Machining

We may use a combination of investment casting and machining to produce parts with features which could not be achieved through investment casting alone. We have capability to provide below post-cast machining work, in order to deliver fully finished and machined castings to our customers:

Turning Drilling Milling Grinding
Tapping Broaching Boring Etc.

Surface Treatment

Standard surface roughness of our investment castings is Ra6.3 – Ra3.2 after shot-blasting, in some cases additional surface treatments need to be applied to investment castings for specific purposes.

Surface treatment for investment casting parts is a process of using abrasive materials to smooth and shine the surfaces of castings, or applying a thin layer to investment castings for a various purpose.

The Surface Treatments that we can offer include:

Mirror polishing Hairline finish Color painting
Powder coating Zinc plating Pickling
Passivation Black oxide Phosphating treatment
PVD coating Anodizing Etc.

Please feel free to contact us if you are not sure about the surface treatment option of your castings, we are glad to discuss in detail with you according to the material and purpose of your castings.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a process can change the castings’ mechanical properties and physical properties including hardness, yield strength, tensile strength and so forth, to achieve the requested results.

All heat treatment processes are provided by our long-term cooperated partner factories, here are some heat treatments we can offer:

Annealing Quenching Normalizing
Solid Solution Treatment Hydrogen De-embrittlement Stress Relieving
Isothermal Quenching Carburizing Etc.


Other services

Except machining, surface treatment and heat treatment mentioned above, we can also provide 3D scanning and CMM measurement services, product assembling, as well as mechanical property tests in third party labs.

More and more customers benefit from our comprehensive value-added services. Our capabilities of post-cast machining, surface treatment and heat treatment allow us to become your “One Stop Solution” investment casting supplier.

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