Investment casting is also called “lost wax” casting, it is one of the oldest metal-forming processes in the world. Today, with more advanced waxes, slurry of fine refractory material, temperature and humidity control system, and modern equipment, investment casting is still one of the most used manufacturing methods to create complex and detailed cast metal components for a variety of different industries.

Investment casting offers high dimension accuracy, smooth surface finish and good mechanical properties of the parts. A wax pattern of the required part is produced by injecting wax into a mold, the desired metal is poured into to mold after “lost wax” process. We get a finished casting part once the liquid metal is solidified. If you want to know more about the investment casting process, please have a look at our detailed step by step guide of investment casting process.

lost wax casting foundry

There are a lot of advantages of investment casting such as greater design flexibility, greater alloy selection and greater opportunity for cost and weight reduction.

Investment Casting Design Advantages
1Lost wax casting provides greater design flexibility
2Lost wax investment casting provides greater detail
3Smooth surface finish and close tolerance range
4Greater alloy selection to enhance part performance
Lost Wax Investment Castings Cost Advantages
1Lost wax casting provides near net shape lowers material usage
2Lost wax casting reduces expensive machining operations
3Eliminate expensive fabrications and weldments

Shanghai Heda castings has been producing precision investment casting parts since 2001, we focus on high standard precision castings in weight from 20g to 10kg in a variety of dimensions and shapes, made of carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. Every part must go through our strict quality control process to ensure that every part our customers receive is completely meet their demand. Check out the investment casting material we can cast and tolerance range of our investment castings.

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Our rich experience allows us to offer advice and guidance from the early design stage to the finishing of production castings such as design features, achievable tolerances, tooling points and available finishing options. So, if you have any inquiry or question about investment casting parts, please feel free to contact us by, your E-mail will be replied within one working day.