stainless steel casted door handle

Stainless steel investment casting handles and hinges

Investment casting is modern precision casting method compared to conventional casting techniques. We can obtain relatively high-precision and relatively complex shapes with investment casting, thus most stainless steel parts are cast by investment casting method.


Stainless steel investment casting process is also called stainless steel lost-wax casting, the process is using wax to make patterns or models, coating a layer of clay and other refractory materials, heating the wax to melt and flow out in order to obtain the empty shell formed by the refractory material, and then pouring stainless steel into the empty shell, and finally knocking the refractory materials to obtain a stainless steel raw casting part. Of course, the finished stainless steel parts still require some post-cast treatment, such as heat treatment, machining process, surface treatment and so forth.

stainless steel cassted window-and-door-hinges

Most door hardware manufacturers choose stainless steel as the material since the door hardware should be rust-proof and durable. In combination with the advantages of investment casting, door hardware is usually made by stainless steel investment casting technique. The biggest advantage of stainless steel investment casting of door hardware is that investment casting can manufacture various types and shapes of door hardware. Secondly, investment casting is the most accurate casting method, helping to achieve good surface finish and dimensional accuracy, therefrom save or avoid additional machining process. Shanghai Heda castings has been working in the field of stainless steel investment casting for more than 15 years, our stainless steel investment castings for window and door include: lock mechanisms, lock keeper, hinges, handles, levers, deadbolt, latchbolt and more. We offer one-stop solution of investment casting parts including investment casting, post-cast machining, heat treatment, surface treatment and assembly services. Our experience and skills enable us to produce custom window and door hardware and lock parts that meet the exact design specifications of our clients.